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Saturday, 17 June 2017

We can send any files in whatsapp..but how ??

How to send any files on whatsapp

Here a short tutorial about how to send any files on whatsapp messenger. In whatsapp messenger we can only send documents( *.txt, *.doc, *pdf ), images, video, audio. but i want to send an apk files through WhatsApp. but the whatsapp has limited features. nowadays WhatsApp is used widely than any other messenger. There is simple trick to send any files through WhatsApp.

For example i am using an apk file to send to my neighbour

 Convert the file into txt file

Step 1) Go ahead and select the file you want to send and long press on it.

Step 2)after long press the file and select the rename option. Now change the file extension to *.txt
for example clashofclan.apk -> clashofclan.txt


Send the converted .txt file to your friends

Step 3) After rename save the file. Now again long press the file to send and click send option whatsapp.

Step 4) Now select the contact you want to send and click send button.

Step 5) The receiver will receive the *.txt file

Convert the txt file to original file( *.apk)

Step 6) Go to the file explorer whatsApp ->  Media -> WhatsApp Documents -> file.txt

Step 7)After locating the file now long press on the file and click the rename

Step 8)  Rename the .txt to your original file *.apk

So now you can send any file on whatapp with this trick.enjoy it.
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